Cloud Computers Providers UK

Cloud Computing Providers UK

The HBP Group have offices around the UK and can provide cloud computing solutions to businesses across the UK.

We have offices in North Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Tyne & Wear, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester and can assist with the implementation of business software in the cloud.

As well as storing data we can also offer the hosting of software applications online to provide a high level of accessibility to your key business systems. Cloud computing allows you to host accounting and CRM solutions from Sage, Pegasus and IRIS so that your users can access them from anywhere with an internet connection – this eliminates the need for your own applications server so reduces the cost of IT ownership and maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Reasons to deal with the HBP Group as your cloud computing provider:

    • Host business software, such as accounting software, in the Cloud
    • Allow users to access software from anywhere with an internet connection
    • Store data online so that it can be accessed by remote and home workers
    • Add or remove users and applications as your business changes
    • Reduce the cost of IT ownership and maintenance
    • Increase security with online backup systems
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