Citrix Partner

Citrix Partner

As a Citrix Partner, the HBP Group can offer a range of solutions to small and medium sized businesses which can enable flexible working solutions for mobile workers as well as lowering the cost of IT ownership.

Virtualisation solutions provide a method of hosting applications and operating systems in virtual environments which requires less hardware and allows for access to software through any device with an internet connection.

The Citrix solutions which can be provided by the HBP Group are:

    • XenDesktop

      With XenDesktop users can access their Windows operating system and applications from their computer on any other device through an internet connection

    • XenApp

      Applications can be centrally hosted and made available to users anywhere, on-demand with XenApp on virtually any device

    • XenServer

      XenServer is a server virtualisation platform for creating Windows and Linux virtual servers.

How Can We Help

As a leading IT provider and Citrix Partner we can help businesses to plan and implement virtualisation across their business. By reducing the number of servers required to run applications the costs of IT can be dramatically reduced whilst flexibility and security can be enhanced.

Our team of expert IT engineers are fully qualified to install and support virtualised IT networks and we have worked with many businesses that have gone through the process of implementing a new system. With our experience and knowledge we can help to guide businesses through this move to ensure as little downtime as possible and create a reliable platform for the future.

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