Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software from Exchequer can help you to understand your business in more detail and allow you to make more informed decisions based on facts.

This can be achieved with the Business Intelligence module for Exchequer which features a wizard for report writing which utilises real-time information on your business.

For more detail you can export any of the reports you create with the wizard to Microsoft Excel, so you can analyse your data in even more detail. Exchequer’ business intelligence software consists of the Visual Report Writer, Microsoft Outlook Dynamic Dashboard, Sentimail, Authoris-e and Commitment Accounting.

Features & Benefits

    • A built-in wizard which allows reports to be created and customised easily
    • Export reports to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
    • Produce reports utilising real-time information stored within Exchequer
    • Send reports via email from directly within the software
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