Business Firewalls

Business Firewall

With a WatchGuard Business Firewall your business will be protected from threats which could penetrate your IT network through your internet connection.

This ensures that all of your business data is protected and is safe from any viruses which could have been picked up through the internet.

When used in conjunction with anti-spam and anti-virus software you can be assured that you have protected your business from all possible threats. At the HBP Group we can help you to implement a robust security solution which includes a business firewall to meet your business’s needs.

Protecting your network ensures that your data is kept safe and all sensitive information, such as customer details, is kept in safe hands.

Features & Benefits

A business firewall provides the following benefits:

    • Protect your network at the gateway of your internet connection
    • Filter websites to prevent staff from accessing specific sites
    • Prevent Zero Day attacks as WatchGuard is always kept up to date against new threats
    • Track where threats come from and block the source for future protection
    • Report on all details of blocked threats and attacks
    • Monitor internet usage and report on the websites staff visit
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