Benefits of Upgrading to Sage 200

So your Sage 50 Health Check thinks you should upgrade to Sage 200, and here are some really good reasons to consider it.

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If you are a Sage Line 50 user within a growing company you may well be keen to find out the benefits of Sage 200 and how it can improve the way you currently work with your system. Sage 200’s powerful reporting capabilities alone will help you to increase efficiency and empower your management decisions.

As well as upgrading from Sage Line 50 users of other smaller sage packages such as Sage Line 100, Sage Financial Controller and Sage MMS will also see these benefits from upgrading to Sage 200.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence (Better Reporting)

sage 200 business intelligence video

The fundamental idea behind Business Intelligence is simple – better information available to you when you need it.

Sage 200 ensures that you can report on any element of your business by allowing any field, even custom fields, to be reported on. What’s more the information you are reporting on is live data so you can get a snapshot of any element of your business whenever you need to.

With this sort of reporting ability you will be able to reduce the time taken to produce management reports and will be able to make better decisions by extracting information about the key areas of your accounts, customer service or sales.

See our how Sage Business Intelligence can assist you if you are upgrading from Sage Line 50 in our Business Intelligence Demo Video.

Sage 200 CRM (Better Customer Retention)

Although CRM is primarily a tool used by the Sales and Marketing function of your business it also gives a greater transparency to your business reporting by allowing you to track sales forecasts as well as marketing expenditure on a project-by-project basis.

The primary purpose of a CRM is to improve customer service by giving your sales, marketing and all customer facing staff the information they require to complete their job effectively. With this sort of information available your customer service will improve and in turn your customer retention, and even cross-selling ability, will get better and better.

Sage 200 Commercials (Better Stock Management)

With the sophisticated Stock Control functionality in Sage 200 you can ensure that your customers needs are fulfilled and your warehouse is managed efficiently.

Multiple warehouses are supported (an unlimited number) and stock can be assigned to any one of them, along with two more levels (typically bin and racking) which can be assigned within the warehouse.

Furthermore, individual items can be tracked by batch or serial codes and can also be purchased and sold using the Units of Measure feature which allows stock to be purchased in any quality (i.e. pallets or boxes) and sold and managed by groups or as single items.

What Else?

Moving to Sage 200 from a smaller accounts package, such as Sage Line 50, has a range of other benefits as it allows for further growth and adds new functionality to help improve efficiency wherever possible.

    • Multi-Currency support

      Sage 200 allows many users into the system by using Microsoft’s SQL Server and has been tested with up to 50 concurrent users at a time.

    • Allow more users into the system

      Sage 200 supports multi-currency and will automatically revalue a transaction itself if the exchange rate on the receipt/payment is different to the invoice.

    • Control Financial Periods

      Sage 200 supports both Open and Closed period accounting so sales, purchase, nominal, stock and cash book can be controlled individually.

    • Faster performance

      Sage 200’s database is at the 6GB level and is designed to process large numbers of transactions, making it run faster and future-proofs it for the growth of your business.

Serenity Holidays Case Study

But don’t just take our word for it!

See how Serenity Holidays moved from Sage Line 50 to Sage 200 and “saved an hour a day”, as well as benefitting from better reporting capabilities in this Line 50 Upgrade Video Case Study.

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