Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

A reliable and resilient back up and disaster recovery plan will protect any business against data loss and system downtime which could be caused by risks such as theft, fire, hardware crashes, human error and software viruses.

The cost of downtime in the event of a disaster could be significant for any business so ensuring that both data back and a disaster recovery plan are in place is vital.

At the HBP Group we can help to ensure that your business is both protected and prepared against any potential threats with the solutions we provide.

Our IT Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions Include:

    • Server Backup Software

      On-site and off-site backup solutions which will copy and encrypt your business data to a removable disk or remote server

    • Disaster Recovery Solutions

      Software and solutions which enable the quick restoration of backed up data to keep downtime to an absolute minimum

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