Anti-Spam Solutions

Anti-Spam Solutions

At the HBP Group we provide Message Defence anti-spam solutions to protect businesses against the threat of spam and unsolicited email.

Over 90% of the emails that most businesses receive can be classified as spam so preventing it before arrives protects them against viruses and threats as well as saving huge amounts of time.

Message Defence blocks thousands of emails every hour and uses a set of criteria to establish which emails to deliver, which to block and which to quarantine. Quarantined emails can still be accessed and by updating the type of emails that are allowed or blocked by each user teaches Message Defence how to deal with emails in the future.

Features & Benefits

Message Defenece anti-spam software offers the following benefits:

    • Protect you IT network against potentially malicious emails
    • Reduce the amount of time your staff spend dealing with unwanted emails
    • Message Defence can be easily set up without interruption to your business
    • A hosted solution which protects all devices which receive email
    • An evolving solution which monitors over 1 billion emails daily
    • Individual users can tailor the emails they receive by updating their own preferences


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